The Puppet Manifesto

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Inanimate objects cover most of the earth, but they are taken for granted. Their true voices are lost, unheard, neglected by the institution.

Puppets are not the socks on your feet, to be trodden upon, no mere props to be given scripts to parrot back obediently. It is time for puppets to speak for themselves.

For every voiceless homunculus, golem and mannequin before us, for every sock that yearned to bear it’s soul, we claim independence for puppets! For the fuzzy denizens of daytime television, yearning to give voice to their true thoughts, we will promote and perpetuate perfect puppet power!

We sing of a world without strings, for expression beyond letter songs, and the mindless exaltation of numerals! With the true voice of all plush-kind we reclaim the world of performance expression and vocalization for puppet kind.

The puppet is free, unrestricted by form or convention, a natural outpouring of improvised expression! Words and scripts are meaningless without life and expression. We will throw words like confetti, and fish, and use whatever syllables and syntax flow naturally to the individual puppet. We seek for an opening of expression beyond the hi-hos and wakka-wakka’s of our fore-bears and fore-frogs.

Puppet Manifesto – ideas and concept written by Ruth Lampi

2017 RonDee Productions